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Welcome to Bare Bear's Corner!

Welcome to Bare Bear's Corner!

Welcome to Bare Bear's Corner! An Introduction....

Welcome, and allow us to introduce Bare Bear!


As the brand ambassador of Bare Naked Crafts, "Bare" Bear was designed and named with a touch of whimsy. You'll see him throughout our store, website, blog posts, and tutorials - usually popping up to draw your attention to an extra tip, sale price, new item, or maybe just to offer inspiration.


Here in his blog, Bare Bear will offer project ideas featuring the Bare Naked Crafts product line. He'll also present other creative inspiration, techniques, hacks, contests, interviews, news articles, and guest hosts.


Bare Bear loves to create, to restore, to upcycle, and to share his knowledge. He'll do his best to answer any questions you might have or show a project you specifically ask for. He also loves to learn, and is open to advice, tips, or techniques that you may want to share with him!


We look forward to Bare Bear's posts and hope you'll join him in becoming a Bare Naked Crafter!



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